Welcome to ma3aak app family,
Do you drive your car daily? Have you been exposed to urgent situations while going to an important appointment?
Do you want to do the regular maintenance for your car but you don’t have enough time for that because of being busy or coming back home late most of the time?
Ma3aak app is the perfect solution for all your car needs/services.
Believing in that the world changing constantly and smart apps became part of our daily life. in 2018 we’ve launched ma3aak app as the first app from its kind in the region and middle east for road assistance and in location regular maintenance, and everything about your car needs.
Where become that you can transfer the car, tire repair & inflate, tire replace and recharge or change your car battery in your location, also we’ve introduced a special service that we’re the one and the only app is providing which is recharging the electric cars in location as well as you can do the regular maintenance for your car whether oil change, oil filters, breaks and spark plugs at your location.
Recently we’ve opened ma3aak app center for car mechanics and electricity which is certified by the well-known German company (BOSCH).
All these services available and could be ordered through ma3aak app, as we worked over the last 15th years constantly on developing and enhancing our services until we decided in 2018 to combine it in one app which is ma3aak app.

One of the goals of the company is to facilitate and develop the services provided through it to reach all segments of society, which contributes to the spread of online services that have proven successful in recent years.


Ma3aak app has introduced the radical solutions that accompanies electronic development to become the easiest and optimum solution to obtain all car services in Jordan, whether at individuals or companies level. Where you can benefit through the app from below services:

  1. - All kinds of road assistance provided by our mechanisms and experienced staff to ensure the best quality of the service provided with the best and prices.
  2. - Regular maintenance service in your location by our engineers.
  3. - Mechanic and electricity car service center and certified by the German company (BOSCH) which assure you a warranty on car repairs and parts. Also, you can monitor your car services electronically through our app and comparable work quality with cars agencies maintenance center.
    With our experienced maintenance consultants who have the skills to advice you about the ideal solutions and timing for your car maintenance and assist you with your future visits to ensure that you get the best service and price as usual.
  4. - Vehicles body maintenance center (body repair and painting) which is the first center in Jordan introducing a convenient service which is following up with the insurance companies if the car involved in accident and repair it in our center with written warranty up to 5 years on the work quality.

Who owns a car in Jordan, companies or individuals, we do everything needed to road assistance, programs,packages and contracts suitable for companies and individuals, all you have to choose the service that meets your needs through the application or contact us directly.

<p>Follow up and review the performance and quality of the company’s work is our top priority to provide a special service and maintain a satisfactory level of the customer by focusing on tiny details to obtain results that meet the requirements of the market.</p>

Ma3aak App Road Assistance Services.

Ma3aak app offers all vehicles services as per below:

  1. 1- Road car assistance within the following details.
    • • Winch services.
    • • On-site electric vehicle charging service.
    • • On-site tire inflates.
    • • Battery jump service.
    • • Gas delivery.
    • • Change battery.
  2. 2- On-site periodic maintenance service.
    • • Oil change.
    • • Ac and air filters change.
    • • Spark plugs change.
    • • Breaks change.
    • • 12-point checkups for periodic maintenance.
  3. 3- Ma3aak app mechanical and electrical maintenance center certified by the German company “BOSCH”, offers
  4. All vehicles maintenance with warranty on car parts up to 6 months or 15K kilometer which of those closer.
  5. 4- Selling car parts for more than 20 global car agencies.
  6. 5- Ma3aak app body shop maintenance center offers high quality work that emulates car agencies and provide you with
  7. written warranty up to 5 years on work quality.
  8. 6- Following up with the car insurance companies service if the car involved in accident, finishing all procedures and issuing the insurance check
  9. For the good of the aggrieved.

Our Services

Ma3aak application based on a high efficiency that can special care of your car

Car transporting

Wherever you are we are with you, in simple steps and in less than one minute you can request car tow (from-to) any direction upon your wish inside AMMAN with the best and lowest price ever:
- 19.90JOD for the normal winch in the morning period.
- 25JOD for the normal winch in the evening period.
- 30JOD winch provided with crane and up to 20KM for one-way trip from the customer’s car location to the location he chooses in both periods.

All you have to do is choose the battery services icon, provide your car model and date of manufacture, and we will change the car battery in the location you previously specified, you can also request jump start service only or recharge electric car battery to get you to the nearest power supply provider

How many times have you left your home and found your car flat tire needs to change in a hot or cold weather, or you will be late on your work, don’t worry we are to help you, request change flat tire through Ma3aak application and we will serve you.

Yes, you can now change your car engine oil and filters, just select your location through Ma3aak application and ask for oil change service, we will serve you in a short period of time and you can also make an appointment for your suitable time. We will guide you to assure that your car engine at the best performance.

There's nothing to worry about from now on

The new ma3ak services were added to this section for everything that belongs to car maintenance and special care, you can take advantage from this section with many services such as fast maintenance in the customer car's location such as brake replacement and the spark plugs and all the filters and also the heavy maintenance which requires a maintenance center and so we opened a repair shop for Mechanical and electric repair also a body and paint shop for ma3ak application to become the number one app that includes all your car's needs starting with road services and ending with solving the hardest mechanical problems in our maintenance center managed by maintenance specialized experts and engineers.

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Service details


Car transfer

  • Pull Winch - Inside Amman

  • Winch equipped with a crane - Inside Amman

  • Bucket Winch

  • Direct accidents(lift crane)

  • Pull Winch - Between Cities

  • Winch equipped with a crane - Between Cities

  • Fast Tanker - 2 Vehicles

  • Lift Crane for other equipment


Recharge and replace battery

  • Battery Jump-Start

  • Battery replacement

  • Electric Vehicle Battery Charging

  • Petrol Delivery


Car Express service from car location

  • Vehicle Engine Oil Change

  • Oil change 10,000KM

  • General Maintenance at your location

  • ( General Maintenance ( Hybrid - Gasoline - E

  • Spark Plug Replacement

  • Brakes Replacement


flat tire

  • Internal Tire Patch at the Station

  • Spare wheel change

  • Wheel Patch in Location


ma3aak centers

  • Vehicle Corrective Maintenance and Painting

  • Vehicle License

  • Dry Clean Small Car

  • Nano Ceramic

  • Spark Plug Replacement

  • Brakes Replacement

  • Computer Check

  • Air Conditioner Filter Replacement


ma3aak centers

  • Air Filter Blower Motor Replacement

  • General Maintenance

  • Car Electricity Maintenance

  • ( General Maintenance ( Hybrid - Gasoline - E

  • Dry Clean Big Car

  • Spark Plug Replacement

Promotional video

You can watch our promotional video to get an overview of Ma3aak application and services

  • Why Ma3aak app?

    Our most important features of our company is building trust between customer and company in terms of the mechanism of providing the service through high-tech connectivity, developing a working environment that exceeds the expectations of the consumer to improve the latest developments in the road assistance in many areas.

  • Company goals

    <p>One of the goals of the company is to facilitate and develop the services provided through it to reach all segments of society, which contributes to the spread of online services that have proven successful in recent years.</p>

The Features

  • Track service provider

    You can track the service provider while reaching you.

  • Great interfaces

    The application featured with many great and beautiful interfaces

  • Secured payment

    Ma3aak application provides secure and easy payment methods

  • Fast to use

    Building trust between the customer and the company in terms of the mechanism of providing the service through high-tech connectivity

  • Unlimited support

    We have a distinguished customer service team to answer all your queries

  • Affordable prices

    We provide our customers with affordable prices that enable them to benefit from all of our services



Download Ma3aak application on Android or IOS and take advantage of the services provided by the application, you will discover the ease and speed offered by the application through distinct and wonderful interfaces once you download the application.


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